What happens at your appointment

Our most popular clinics are drop-in / walk-in clinics. 

At arrival at one of our sessions you will be asked to complete a registration form together with a triage form (letting us know what you have come for). If you have any difficulties completing either of these forms please speak to the receptionist who will be able to help you.

The registration form allows us to place new patients onto our electronic record system or alternatively for those that have been before to check your information is up to date. All of our sites share the same electronic record system so you can attend any session of your choice.

The triage form enables us to streamline the clinic by ensuring that you see the most appropriate clinician for your needs. This also means that you may not be seen in order of your arrival this will be based on what patients have come for.

We aim to offer you a full range of services when you attend, however on occasion this may not be possible. As we are a drop in service we cannot guarantee the number of patients who will turn up at anyone time, therefore we cannot guarantee the waiting times or if your method of choice will be available at your first visit.  Our receptionists will try to keep you up to date on waiting times. We may occasionally need to ask you to return to a scheduled appointment depending on your personal circumstances, again our staff will be there to guide you.

At excessively busy sessions we may, on occasion, find it necessary to close sessions early or limit what we can offer so that we can maintain our patient safety at all times, if this is the case the receptionist will advise you of the next available clinic.

Once you have registered you will be asked to take a seat and wait for a Nurse or Doctor to become available to see you. Once you are in a consultation the Dr or nurse will take your patient history, this means we may ask some embarrassing questions, we ask that you answer honestly as this helps us to provide you with the best possible care at your visit.

If you are to undergo a procedure within our clinics (IUD / IUS fitting) we will ensure that you have a chaperone with you at all times.

If you choose to bring your children along with you, please remember that we do not have crèche facilities available and our staff cannot be responsible for your child or children. We recommend that if you are attending for a procedure that you make arrangements for them to be supervised whilst you are with us.

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