Community GUM Session

STI testing/treatment for people with symptoms

Within Knowsley Contraception and Sexual Health Service we have a dedicated Community GUM Clinic at The Arch on THURSDAYS 10.00-17.00.

The Community GUM Clinic is an enhanced service  when we can carry out further testing and onsite laboratory diagnosis of some infections if you are experiencing symptoms such as;

-unusual discharge from the vagina or penis,

-unusual bleeding,

-painful sex,

-pain when urinating,

-lumps or ulcers or

-anything which is different and you are concerned.  

From 10.00AM – 5.00pm on Thursdays we will take samples which can be looked at under the microscope, while you wait, and therefore we can see and treat some infections straight away.

This session also allows us to complete more extensive screening and offer vaccinations which would suit gay men.

Outside of this session you will be able to have some screening samples which we have to wait for results up to 2 weeks or we would redirect you to the Liverpool Centre For Sexual Health at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, or other local GUM clinics where laboratory services are available, on other days.