Our team

On a visit to one of our clinics, you might meet one the following people:

The doctors at our clinics offer advice on all methods of contraception, including prescribing and carrying out procedures (you may be asked to return to an appointment at a more suitable time). Our Doctors can treat and manage patients without symptoms, or with symptoms (at our Community GUM Session), treat patients who require contraceptive procedures and train other healthcare professionals who want to expand their skills and knowledge in sexual health.

At our clinics our nursing staff provide a range of patient care. They are fully trained in giving advice on all methods of contraception which can be dispensed on the day, or for a procedure (IUD / IUS / Implant) make an appropriate appointment.

Our nursing staff are fully trained in advice and counseling around all STIs including HIV Tests. They can examine patients, perform different kinds of patient testing and can administer treatment for some infections. Some nurses are trained to deal with more types of contraception, treatment or testing than others, but all of our nurses are constantly training to add to their skills and gain further qualifications.

Our HCAs provide a range of patient care that supports our patient’s journey through clinics. They are fully trained to carry out testing for some STIs (Venepuncture, urine collection) and in some of our busier sessions offer an initial assessment before you see our Doctor or Nurse. Our HCAs are fully trained to *Chaperone during both examinations and for some procedures.

*Please remember you can ask to have a second member of staff (chaperone) present during any procedure or examination if you wish …. Please ask a member of our staff.

Our administration team includes our reception staff, administrative staff and management staff.  Our Reception Staff are responsible for the administration of patient attendance, including welcoming and registering patients, they are the staff you will see when you first come to our clinics, any queries please do not hesitate to approach them they will be only too glad to help. They work closely with doctors and nurses to ensure smooth running of the clinics.